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Church revivals, funerals, holiday family gatherings, tailgating — these key Southern social events tie people together and create strong food memories, and dishes like banana pudding are ideal for serving at them. I am a true believer that everyone loves banana pudding...even when they say they don't. I mean, who doesn't love cooked custard, Nilla wafers, chunks of banana and cream? Southerners hear "banana pudding" and ALWAYS remember it with such fondness. 
Give ours a try for a wonderific taste that'll keep you coming back for more!


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  • All deposits and payments made on custom orders are non-refundable.  Custom orders include any custom cake, wedding cake or custom cupcakes.  Custom items are defined as any cake, cupcake or other confection specifically designed and/or created for a particular client and are invoiced at per serving rates.  Upon cancellation, a Carolina Girl Confections LLC gift certificate will be issued as long as the cancellation has been made at least two weeks prior to the event.  The gift certificate amount will be for the amount paid – minus any deposit amount, which is non-refundable with no exceptions.  


    The above policy does not apply to southern heirloom cake orders, cupcakes by the dozen, cookies or Mason Jar cakes.  In the event that you cancel an order for one of these items more than 48 hours until order is due, you will be provided a Carolina Girl Confections gift certificate for the full value of item purchased.  If you have not secured your order with payment, there will be no certificate issued.  Likewise, if you forget to pick up an order, there will be no certificate issued.  


    By paying of any deposit and/or balance, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the policies of Carolina Girl Confections LLC.

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Where every day is a piece of cake!
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